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Meet the Junior Design Awards Guest Judges

They came, they perused, they judged… meet the purveyors of impeccable taste who helped us choose our winners in the Junior Design Awards 2013

Rachel Stevens selects two dreamy sweaters by Donna&Marcus for Debenhams
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Rachel Stevens, singer and mother of Amelie, two

Who is your favourite designer? Phoebe Philo for Celine, Chloe, Stella McCartney and Chanel. I think all these brands create beautiful, classic, chic and wearable designs and accessories. For children, I Love Gorgeous, Stella McCartney, and lots of high street brands - Next do some great children's clothing.

What qualities do you look for in a well-designed product for your family?I guess it depends on what it is. As a mother, it would have to be things that save time and make life easier when you feel like you need two pairs of hands! Other than that, I appreciate good quality so that I know that Amelie can just be free to have lots of fun.

What was your most treasured childhood possession?I loved my Girl's World. I would sit for hours doing her hair and make-up, in a fabulously 80's style. I used to love making potions too… so if you gave me a bottle and some smellies, I was happy.

Do you have any treasured family heirlooms?My grandma gave me her diaries which are just fascinating to read. She would cut out paper clippings of what movies she'd seen and what she'd been doing at school. It's so thoughtful and descriptive; I'll treasure it always. She also passed down some beautiful vintage coats and bags which I love.

Which single piece of baby equipment couldn't you live without? It would have to be baby wipes. Amelie likes to get very messy!

What has been your best piece of baby kit? The Brother Max high chair: it’s stylish, easy to use and she still uses it now at the table with us. It's a really good transitional product.

Is there any childcare product you wish someone would invent? When Amelie was a baby, she would fall asleep in the car and as soon as we turned the engine off she'd wake up. I always used to think that a vibrating car seat would be a great invention!

Which of the entries for the Junior Design Awards impressed you the most?There were so many entries that impressed me. I love the Sun-Sand-Salt-Water sandals. I am definitely going to get Amelie a few pairs – anything that goes from water to beach has to be had and they are super cute too! I also love the designer selection from online boutique Alex and Alexa, I Love Gorgeous for their lovely pretty designs, Finger in the Nose, Smallable, Pale Cloud… The list goes on and on!

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