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Meet the Junior Design Awards Guest Judges

They came, they perused, they judged… meet the purveyors of impeccable taste who helped us choose our winners in the Junior Design Awards 2013

Portia Freeman covets a gorgeous silk bomber jacket by Stella McCartney Kids
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Portia Freeman, model and mother of Dylan, three

Who is your favourite designer? I would have to say Chanel: it always has been and always will be! I love how easy everything is to wear. You feel so glamorous even if it’s just clutching one of the classic quilted handbags.
What qualities do you look for in a well-designed product? I like products that are able to cope with the daily wear and tear of life, something well-made and strong that also looks nice, is well designed and is above all practical. My white leather sofa is a great example of a family-friendly product.
What was your most treasured childhood possession? I still have two blankets, which I have had ever since I was born. They are completely love worn, almost discoloured with a very faint pattern and ruffle trim. They were my brother’s before I decided to nab them. If I'm travelling alone, they always come with me! I guess they're my comfort blankets.
Do you have any treasured family heirlooms? I now own a few pieces of both of my parents’ jewellery. My Dad passed away when I was 14, so I kept the jewellery he used to wear including a rose gold ring with three diamonds on it. My mum used to wear beautiful pieces, including a gorgeous dainty Cartier watch, which I now wear.
Which single piece of baby equipment couldn't you live without? When Dylan was a baby, it was probably the organic cotton muslin we had. I know it's not that exciting, but it really was needed throughout the day.
What’s piece of baby kit did you find most useful? His Baby Bjorn bouncy chair. He loved to sit in it when he wasn't able to move about himself. I knew he was safe sitting in there whilst watching me do bits and bobs throughout the day.
Which toys and products have stood the test of time? The only toy which jumps out at me by far has to be Dylan’s Toy Story Woody doll. My cousin gave it to him. He's from the first batch that were made in 1994 and is now part of the family.
Is there any childcare product you wish someone would invent? There are plenty of things I wish people would invent but I'm not going to tell you ;)
Which products have most impressed you when judging in the Junior Design Awards? I had the best time judging the children’s fashion categories. I felt like a kid in a sweet shop. Stella McCartney's childrenswear was beautiful; she really knows what makes mothers and children tick. There was this amazing baseball jacket in beige with an orange tiger embroidered on the back, which really stood out. It is definitely on my wish-list for Dylan.

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