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Design Like Dior

Paint like Pollack or colour like Kandinsky – unleash your child’s creative potential with these inspirational design ideas

Posted: 27 May 2010
by Helen McKay-Ferguson

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Johnny Joe’s Colouring Book by Roz Streeten (Rosie Flo Books, £5.99)

We’re delighted to see the creator of the much-lauded Rosie Flo series hasn’t forgotten the boys. Following a similar headless and limbless format, this colouring book features a circus troupe and a footie team waiting to be kitted out, as well as an action-packed dinosaur scene. There’s also a Johnny Joe’s Time Travel Colouring Book, with characters to create and customise from across history, from the mists of ancient Egypt to the far-flung frontiers of the future. Mind you, we’re all for girls putting to their talents to a Johnny Joe book, and vice versa for boys and the Rosie Flo books.

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This is an amazing idea. The girls with love this!
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